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1-Are all your paintings Surreal?

Yes, but I tried to paint abstract, floral, Impressionism and realism before.

2-When did you start doing art?

I started drawing and painting in a young age. Nearly at the age of 5. I started with drawing cartoons from TV shows and video games. My artworks developed in recent years.

3-What inspires you to do art?

I see a lot of artists paint beautiful paintings, and that what motivates me to do more, but what really motivates me is that I have hidden feelings which I can express it only on my canvas’.

4-Are you a self taught artist?

Actually I didn’t go to an institute or college. I just watch other artists paint and create my own ideas.

5-Do you know how to paint with other mediums beside oil and acrylic?

Yes, I learned how to use watercolour.

6-Are you a full time artist?

For now, actually I’m just a school student.

7-Do you ship your works to UK? and what is the price of the shipping?

Yes, I ship my works Internationally. Shipping costs are $50 outside Oman.

8-How can I commission a custom painting?

Visit “Commissions” page on