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Hanin Shaqsi is An Artist of pop surrealism artworks based in Muscat, Oman. She turns her life and human struggles and how humans feel and think  into an artwork ’. She started painting and drawing in a young age where she developed the passion of art in that years of her life. She started painting surrealism and felt that the best which suits her are these kind of paintings. She learned how to draw digital art on computer, sketching with pencils, using oil color and acrylic. Some of her paintings are from her own dreams and nightmares which she stated on her social medias.

“I keep imagining and dreaming my own surreal paintings. My deep imagination and my lucid dreams gives me the process and the concept of every work and every name that I give to the paintings. Using dark and light colors, mixing a lot of shades in a canvas and dreaming the right picture is really interesting for me. I always wanted to do something unique and finally found what I wanted. I focus on doing new things whenever i get the chance to do it. I got inspired by many artists and learned to try everything that i liked.”